Bus Simulator 2018

Bus Simulator 2018

! Attention: long loading : 2-3 minutes GIVE US GPLUS WHEn TNX!

How to play Bus Simulator 2018:

As you probably expect this is not a very hard and demanding game in any way, controls are simple and you have GPS navigation next to the wheel in bus so you don’t get lost in city. One of the elements I found funny are talks (chit-chats) between passengers which sound so artificial and unnatural that it kinda makes it inconveniently funny at the moments, at least for me because it reminds me of audio recording used for school classes on foreign language where all speakers try to speak as clearly and understandable as possible, losing all emotion and intonation in the process. But I digress, as a conclusion this game is good after a hard day at work or for the avid fans of public transportation careers (if there are any ?) but don’t expect AAA title or time of your life.

WASD to drive bus

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